Drones Map Turtle Nesting & Impact of Sea Level Rise

Drones are being used to create accurate 3D maps of coastal areas at a fraction of the cost of other methods. Using drones for conservation efforts is a great method for gaining the data you need without interfering with the wildlife you are studying. https://www.ecomagazine.com/news/science/drones-help-map-turtle-nesting-sites-to-assess-impact-of-sea-level-rise Read More

Why Drones?

Organizations and companies today are constantly looking for opportunities to leverage technology to maximize profits. Drone technology has taken foothold and continues to exponentially grow as more leaders realize the advantages and multiple functions that drones can provide. The potential that drones can provide in efficient, economical services has not begun to scratch the surface of Read More

How Do You Fight the Largest Cocaine Boom in History? With Drones!

A crime fighting drone is a cooler than average drone. – The DroneAscent Team With record amounts of cocaine being shipped out of South America, the Coast Guard believes it needs more eyes in the sky. Source: How Do You Fight the Largest Cocaine Boom in History? With Drones. – MIT Technology Review Read More