Drones For Agricultural Use

Drone use in agriculture is growing like weeds!

Using DroneAscent in private farming or commercial agriculture can address several major challenges that create obstacles to crop productivity. The unique aerial-view capability that only drones can offer is the key to assisting farmers, orchard owners and vineyard owners better assess crop health with key imaging, and the ability to assess drought conditions. DroneAscent creates access to precise data, giving farmers the best tools to efficiently identify threats such as drought damage, diseased plants, an infestation, drought damage, plant disease and other crop-health issues like surveying and analyzing water-stress levels.

DroneAscent can help increase crop productivity and prioritize sustainability:

  • Soil and field analysis: At the beginning of your crop cycle, DroneAscent can produce 3-D maps for early soil analysis and planning seed planting patterns. Soil analysis can provide data for future irrigation and nitrogen-level management.
  • Crop monitoring: DroneAscent can improve crop management and growth by helping you overcome crop monitoring challenges and inefficiencies with animations highlighting crop development.
  • Irrigation and fertilization: DroneAscent can identify when areas of a crop field are dry or need improvements. Aerial footage of your crop can assist you in calculating of the vegetation index.
  • Crop Assessment: Use DroneAscent to more quickly identify bacterial or fungal infections on trees to save orchard or vineyard devastation. Using multispectral imagery can identify health changes quickly and give farmers the ability to respond with more precise treatment. Should a farmer experience crop failure, our documentation can be used for insurance claims.

DroneAscent helps farmers ensure better care for their crops, which means identifying problems earlier, applying solutions sooner, and increasing a higher crop yield.

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