Aerial Surveys: Safe and Speedy Land Mapping

DroneAscent aerial surveying and geo-mapping provides you with essential data when planning large-scale projects utilizing a massive land mass. Using our drone service for your aerial mapping provides safe and speedy scaling of land regardless of how treacherous the terrain, resulting in dynamic data for 3D models, orthophotos, and high density point clouds. Aerial surveying is achieved using specially equipped drones with sensors that are calibrated for the adequate georeferencing of the collected data. This gives you a geometrically rectified aerial photograph with accurate three dimensional measurements of terrain. Aerial surveying can serve as a compliment to a ground survey team, and save enough time and money by achieving quicker survey completion so you can move on to the next project!

  • Survey landfills, coal stockpiles, quarries and sandpits
  • Accurately calculate volume
  • Track inventory
  • Topographic imagery
  • Document building construction
  • Inspections
  • Point cloud generation
  • Sea surveys
  • Land survey featuring topography, cartography, feature recognition
  • Monitoring vegetation and ground cover

Using a drone reduces valuable personnel hours spent collecting accurate data. With a raster or grid to being the project with, literally millions of data points can be gathered in one drone mission. When the data collection process is made so effortlessly and inexpensively, your efforts can be spent performing data analyses and reporting. Jobs that once took upwards of several weeks are now completed in a few days, and data collection is achieved more quickly and precisely. Most importantly, the risk to your ground surveying crew when measuring dangerous sites like slopes, working mines, and operational transportation routes is greatly reduced because the mission can be accomplished from a safer location.

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