Drone Inspections Are Safe & Precise

Drone technology is in the business of saving lives by going where people can't easily go without substantial risk. Turn to DroneAscent for reliable and efficient commercial inspections that are quick, cost-effective, accurate, and safety conscious.

  • Cell towers
  • Buildings
  • Bridges
  • Railroads
  • Roof tops
  • Drainage systems
  • Roads inspections
  • Windmills
  • Transmission lines
  • Industrial
  • Construction sites

Put sharp digital eyes on hard to reach spots up close without endangering personnel or using additional equipment. Using DroneAscent removes the possibility of personnel injury when inspecting a potentially weakened structure, and also avoids compromising the structure itself by having people on it.

Use DroneAscent to safely inspect and document with aerial photography and video those dangerous, elevated, or hard to reach industrial areas, assets, and properties. Using the best in high resolution visual cameras, infrared and UV and infrared sensors, our drones capture accurate and actionable data for engineering projects, maintenance inspections, project documentation, road and bridge inspections, construction surveys and computing stockpile volumes.

With commercial drones having become so advanced so quickly, they are now a standard platform to safely, accurately and reliably capture images from a variety of elevations. DroneAscent can take a traditional survey and greatly enhance it by using evolving technology to create an accurate survey grade in combination with photogrammetric software and processing that renders our clients precision 3D models. While drones don’t eliminate the need for expert surveyors, they enable a more in-depth and efficient process when used to capture data on projects ranging up to 500 acres.

DroneAscent achieves survey grade precision by establishing ground control points and geo referenced images, in combination with quality cameras and other variables to deliver the desired results for you. Get started with your free, no-obligation estimate!

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