DroneAscent Pilot Application Information

Earn income with your drone! Join our nationwide network of pilots and be notified when we have aerial service jobs in your area!


We are looking for professional, qualified Remote Pilots nationwide to capture aerial imagery or survey for our company.  Earn extra income as an independent contracted Remote Pilot.

How does our BYOD pilot contractor program work?


You provide the Drone and insurance verification.  You must also provide your FAA Remote Pilot Certification and have reliable transportation.*


We provide you with the client's specifications, location and timeline and a login to upload your deliverables.


You are compensated for your work and added to our contracted affiliates list to be notified about future opportunities.**

*Your drone must be pre-approved by the company to ensure quality services.
** Remote Pilots will be compensated as stipulated in their independent contractor contract and the mission parameters.


Camera Requirements

Hardware or software image stabilization

 2K video resolution minimum @ 30fps

RAW photo capability

Neutral Density and/or circular polarizing filters recommended 

IR/ thermal imaging or other sensors dependent on project requirements

UAV Requirements

FPV Capable 

Gimbal camera mount

Minimum 40 min total flight time (multiple batteries recommended)

Safety features  (return to home, collision avoidance recommended)

Pilot Requirements

FAA Part 107 Certification

Proof of legal liability, physical damage and personal injury insurance

20+ Logged flight hours via DroneLogbook or equivalent

Portfolio of work available on request

Computer Requirements

Access to a high-speed broadband connection for uploading photos and videos (hardwired ethernet recommended)

If performing post production: 

  • Computer Hardware capable of ingesting and processing 2K video ( core i7, 16Gb , RAM,  discreet GPU, 100 Mb/s storage throughput recommended)
  • Professional Photo processing software (Aperture, Lightroom, Luminar, etc.)
  • Professional Video editing software (FCPX, Resolve, Avid, Premier Pro, etc.)
  • MP4/M4V H.264 Compression Software