Pilot’s Log – Aerial Inspection for HOA Compliance

Pilot: Bob Warfel

Visual Assistant: Ned Matich

DroneAscent Aerial Inspections

It was a gorgeous day as we headed over to the Tanglewood Condos and Apartments, a well-populated residential neighborhood consisting of about 500 units and covering an area of roughly 3 square miles.  The DroneAscent Team was headed there to perform an aerial inspection. The residential area is also home to a community pool, and an adjacent driving range where there were plenty of golfers working on their swing and taking advantage of the good weather. Even though there was a high protective net, we were a little nervous that some of the golfers from the driving range might get too ambitious and bet amongst themselves to try and hit the drone for $100. Thankfully, that wasn’t a problem, and we maintained a safe distance so as not to tempt anyone with an eagle eye and a strong swing.

The purpose of the mission was to use the drone to fly over each and every residence and turn the raw footage over to the client. The HOA, in turn, would examine the footage to determine whether residents were in compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by the association. They could examine the footage from the comfort of their office, and already had the documentation needed in hand to issue letters to those residents who were not in compliance with the HOA covenant.

Utilizing an inspection drone saved hours and hours of man power in not having to drive up to each individual property, walking around every building and manually documenting violations. Using a drone also saved on vehicle gas, wear and tear.

Since Home Owners Associations typically conduct two or more inspections within their area each year, using DroneAscent to conduct an aerial inspection of the homes and properties can save the people at the HOA a tremendous amount of time and effort while efficiently providing the documentation needed to protect property values. Get an estimate for your HOA inspection here.

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