Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here. Click a question to view the answer. Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Contact Us page.

What is a drone?

DroneAscent Inspire 2Commercial drones are more accurately called UAVs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Although this can encompass many shapes, styles and sizes of vehicles, DroneAscent deploys top quality drones that can be equipped with a wide range of imaging hardware such as the capable and reliable DJI Inspire 2


What is a sUAS?

sUAS stands for small Unmanned Aircraft Systems. This term generally applies to non-military aircraft and can encompass the entire operational system, including the UAV, receivers, transmitters, battery systems, pilot, observers and communications. 

How high can drones fly?

Drones can fly 400 feet above ground level in uncontrolled airspace.  Drones can 400 feet above a structure higher than 400 feet as long as the ascent does not exceed 400 feet from the structure and the structure in not in controlled airspace.

What should I look for in hiring Drone Services?

Drone pilots are required to have an FAA Remote Pilot License to fly for commercial purpose.  Also, the drone pilots should provide liability insurance for their flights - generally $1M liability coverage.

Can I get aerial photos and videography by drones?

Yes - drone cameras are as sophisticated as any other cameras in service.  Additionally, you can get multiple aerial angles not possible with traditional satellite and aircraft photography.

Can we fly over someone's property or a company's property?
Yes, we don't own the airspace over our homes or businesses, but we always try to notify people if we are doing such a flight so they don't think we are violating their privacy.
Can drones fly in controlled airspace such as airports?

No - not without a FAA approved waiver.

Can drones fly over people?

No - not without an approved FAA waiver.

Are your pilots insured?
Yes, all our pilots are licensed and carry no less than 1 million dollars liability insurance.
How far will you travel to provide aerial services?  
As far as needed, but we do charge travel fees after the first 30 minutes of travel.
Do you provide LIDAR services?
Not at this time, but possibly in the future.
Do you just collect data for 3D mapping or provide the finished project?
That's up to the customer, we can just provide data and raw files, but we also offer post-production and mapping to produce a finished product.
My town doesn't allow drones, is that legal?
No it isn't, airspace is federal jurisdiction but we always good to speak with local authorities and advise them of our operations.