Enhancing Safety and Security with Drones

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or more commonly referenced to as “drones” are being utilized today in a myriad of services. From deliveries, to inspections, to surveys, drones are evolving exponentially in technology which creates more opportunity to deploy drones.

One of the fastest growing areas for drones is in safety and security. A Freedonia Group study estimates that security drone sales will account for approximately 20 percent of the total commercial UAV market share. In addition, safety and security related drone sales will double by 2019 to $250 million.

There are three primary areas that drones are deployed for in Safety and Security:

  • Scheduled perimeter patrols
  • Autonomous threat response
  • Manual surveillance

Scheduled perimeter patrols are scheduled, autonomous patrols conducted by drones on a continuous basis. Drones are programmed to fly a particular route with a chosen altitude and camera angle, all of which can be monitored from a central security station.

Autonomous Threat response is a system that automatically dispatches drone flights and surveillance when an alarm triggered. The drone deploys immediately to that location and streams live video to the security team.

Probably the most popular are the manual surveillance missions. These are utilized when a major event occurs, and drones and their pilots are manually dispatched to the event location to monitor the situation. Events may include but are certainly not limited to fire, missing persons, active shooter, and dangerous leaks or spills.

Safety and security with drones can leverage one or more multiple sensors such as RGB (red/blue/green), thermal, infrared, and LIDAR for even greater situational awareness, and detailed data.

Additionally, certain mobile apps such as MobilePD, can be combined with security drones and offer alerts, tips, and two-way communication between civilians and the police. Another app, ShotSpotter, is a recording technology device that allows for real-time gunshot detection and alerts trending across the law enforcement community.

Drones are revolutionizing the safety and security industry through cost efficiency, faster response and larger coverage and multiple sensors.  Find out what DroneAscent can do for your business today. For more information please contact DroneAscent at [email protected] or telephone 773-668-4466.

Troy Pumphrey

Safety and Security Consultant  and DroneAscent Guest Blogger


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