DroneAscent Acquires Night Waiver for 4 Years

DroneAscent Acquires Night Waiver for 4 Years

Chicago, IL (May 19, 2017) – Rick Mills, President and CEO of DroneAscent, Inc. recently announced the company’s acquisition of the night waiver from the FAA. The permit was granted for four years and covers every DroneAscent Pilot across the country who is completing client missions on behalf of the company.

“With the assistance of our VP of Operations, Bob Warfel, DroneAscent has been able to procure this incredibly important waiver. There is a lot of data that can be gathered at night, and being able to add that to the suite of services for our client missions really opens up what we can provide to them,” said Mr. Mills.

Added Bob Warfel, “We don’t this waiver lightly. We understand there could still be restrictions at certain times and weather conditions, and of course pilots may also have to coordinate with air traffic control, as appropriate and required. Safety remains our first focus, but we’re excited to have this new option.”

DroneAscent recently completed the hiring of 16 pilots across the United States and will soon have a total of 22 licensed and insured drone pilots ready to complete client missions ranging from aerial survey, inspection, and mapping to beautiful aerial video and photography for marketing and real estate purposes.

DroneAscent, Inc. was founded in 2016 to serve our communities needs for aerial imagery, survey, and video drone services. Nationwide, licensed and insured, we provide the highest level of customer service in terms of quality, safety, courtesy, and professional conduct.

For more information, contact:  Ms. Lorrie L. Cozzens, Director of Marketing.


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