Why Drones?

Organizations and companies today are constantly looking for opportunities to leverage technology to maximize profits. Drone technology has taken foothold and continues to exponentially grow as more leaders realize the advantages and multiple functions that drones can provide. The potential that drones can provide in efficient, economical services has not begun to scratch the surface of Read More

DroneAscent Hires Bob Culliton as New VP of Sales

Chicago, IL (October 1, 2018) – Rick Mills, President and CEO of DroneAscent, Inc. recently announced the hiring of Mr. Bob Culliton of Jacksonville, FL, as the new Vice President of Sales. Bob Culliton of Jacksonville, Florida joins DroneAscent with an extensive background in sales and operations, strategic planning, and a long track record for Read More

Pilot’s Log – Aerial Inspection for HOA Compliance

Pilot: Bob Warfel Visual Assistant: Ned Matich It was a gorgeous day as we headed over to the Tanglewood Condos and Apartments, a well-populated residential neighborhood consisting of about 500 units and covering an area of roughly 3 square miles.  The DroneAscent Team was headed there to perform an aerial inspection. The residential area is Read More