Aerial Footage of Bears Sparks Debate of Drones and Conservation

A recent article posted by National Geographic regarding a viral drone video of a baby bear desperately trying to climb an icy slope has sparked some debate as to whether drones are a help or a detriment when it comes to keeping an eye on our wildlife. While there are many excellent uses for drones in wildlife and conservation efforts, such as aiding in tagging and or counting, experts note that the recent video borders closer to interference and harassment.

In order for the drone to get the close up of the mother and baby bear, it is clear that the drone is too near for the bear’s comfort as the bear swats at the drone and slides down hill again.

At DroneAscent, we strongly believe the purpose of drones among wildlife is to meet the project goals of our clients while creating little or no impact to the area and the life within it. To bring the drone so close so as to intentionally disturb the animals that they feel threatened by it enough to endanger themselves as depicted here is nothing short of irresponsible.

While the drone industry is still unfolding, regulations regarding their use are naturally going to be slower to catch up as we navigate the right and wrong ways to participate in the world around us. It is incumbent upon licensed drone pilots to be both professional and err on the side of good, well before those regulations are set for us.

When you choose DroneAscent as your provider for drone aerial services, we have already met a higher standard because we created a higher standard for ourselves and our pilots, well before your call was placed. Each of our pilots are FAA part 107 licensed and insured. They must meet standards for equipment, the number of hours logged, and are screened and vetted during our application process by a 25-year veteran of the aviation industry. Once accepted, they are trained in DroneAscent operation protocols, as well as additionally trained for specialized missions as necessary. While certainly there are any number of pop-up drone providers, there are few with our scope and ability to scale, and even fewer still who place the same premium on standardizing safety while simultaneously not sacrificing service and client satisfaction. That was what you get when you choose DroneAscent as your aerial services provider.

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You can read the full article from National Geographic here:




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